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Eden Energy medicine techniques include yogic and tai-chi exercises and postures for specific energetic effects, massaging or tapping certain points on the skin, tracing energy pathways over the body with crystals or magnets and working with visualizations and affirmations.

Kinesiology tests can pinpoint where peoples’ energies have become stagnant and blocked and then you can be taught various techniques in order to balance these energies to heal physical and emotional issues.  You’ll receive half an hour of training to learn to self heal at home and half an hour of healing in the treatment rooms to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized or 45 minutes of each if you get a 90 minute session for £55.

I find a lot of people gain the most benefit from taking fortnightly sessions so they can train their body to get used to the exercises taught and build habitual patterns so if you decide to buy 5 90 minute sessions I will arrange for a block booking discount at £200 saving you £75 if you book directly by calling 07816945122 and if you get one session and decide you’d like to book the other 5 there and then that can be arranged in the salon.

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