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Benji the Great – Written December 2015

At 30 I had all the answers,
but never asked the right questions.
Was having fun with trancers,
always open to suggestions.
An open mind, a closed heart,
adapting to society to play my part.
Unlike Ben, who we all ken,
certainly one of my favourite men.
Songwriter, painter friend and ally are his roles,
for every rule he knows the loopholes.
He’d keep you happy in a penitentiary
if you were locked up for a quarter century.
A sensitive soul,
with inspiration as his goal.
Here’s tae a bloke fae Fife,
who’s brought good tunes to my life.
The forest of Ae is where we first said hey,
And to future reunions I’d never say nay,
A toast to you on your birthday.

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