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My best bad decision is gone

We were told 3 weeks
21 days at most
To look into those eyes
To feel that heartbeat
To be nibbled on
To play hide and seek
With one so bold and yet so meek
Blood on the floor
Doesn’t seem to bother him
I wonder maybe I could have done more
As the light in his eyes start to dim
He was lonely and left signs
I didn’t see
I could’ve tried harder
My favorite mistake
Played bleeding
I didn’t have what he was needing
Shallow breathing as he lay sleeping
A top a rabbit
His prize possession
Red ball hidden
Always proud of his midden
Three weeks turned into one
To make a decision
That weighed a ton
He cried in his sleep
Painkiller too weak
Smells reeked from his sheet
Once loved paste caused confusion
and broke my delusion
Shaking as he ate
I decided his fate
They took him away
Returned in a box of clay
To feed a tree
So he continues to bless my every day

Here is Polo the ferret he was very loved.