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Call out your name- Written November 2015

Call out your name

Does a name truly carry everything it signifies?
And repeating it invoke all it implies?
Can you not say a name and feel it holds the infinity of that being within?
Drawing that internal beauty akin
Can you not read a title and see the ink holds the love of one held so close?
As infinite wonder unfolds with every line of prose
Can you not hear a name and know that hearing it again and again throughout life
throughout all existence will forever banish strife?
Hearing that name in the voices of others,
Calling you into a family of brothers,
Blowing winds of change through your heart,
Ensuring bonds will never part.
Calling this name feels like coming home,
And from Nichiren’s heart I shall never roam.
The name I wish to call myself is Suzy,
but it is not the name that has made me,
My name was first recited in 1253,
when Nichiren dubbed it on all humanity,
It’s the true name allowing joy to flow,
Loud and proud I call out Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is the title of the lotus sutra meaning loosely translated it means ‘I believe in the mystic law of life and death’.  When it is repeated it can invoke Buddha-hood as you focus on it’s meaning and connecting with the mystic flow of the universe. When I first started chanting I felt like coming home and when I’m chanting properly it can feel like pure love. Here’s part of my big Buddhist family below or to find out more about the SGI-UK and how to find discussion meetings near you click here