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I’ve made this poetry blog for you to read my work because using Eden Energy Medicine, EFT, reiki , crystal therapy and making healthy dietary choices has made massive impacts on my emotional health.  After several years of being unable to write poetry my abilities were reawakened.  Three years ago I wrote my first poem about veganism as I finally had something I wanted to speak passionately about again.  Since that point I have written one per month and collated them here and will be updating the page as I go along.

Where I think it’s appropriate I will add in links to videos of different lifestyle tips that I think loosely link to the work I’ve made and people that have inspired me over time. I’ve also decided to make Animal Aid my charity of choice so if you would like to donate to them if you’ve been inspired by any of the poems below then please click

TMJ pain relief with simple massage techniques- day 25

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Here’s a great technique to do to help yourself  release tension around the jaw otherwise known as the TemporoMandibular Joint. TMJ pain can be dramatically reduced by massaging different areas around the body that impact upon the jaw.  Part of the video focuses on the small intestine.  If you specifically find release around that area you may wish to jump ahead to day 28 which is all about the cheeks.

neurovascular holds for eye healing – day 24

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Holding different neurovascular acupressure points on your head can help bring stability to your whole system and lets your body relax and let go.  If you find this hold works well for you you will also like this video about using it to release childhood traumas.

Resetting your internal compass – day 17

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Your bladder holds an electric charge that affects the back of your eyes and your liver helps process toxins that can block you from proper vision.  When these are blocked you can’t orientate your internal compass towards what you really want in life, so taking care of both meridians holding these points will help you.

Aura cleansing exercise

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Here’s a really useful couple of exercises mixing reiki with Eden energy medicine to cleanse your aura and get rid of any energetic gunk you’ve picked up throughout the day.


A morning’s kiss – Written July 2016

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 A morning kiss

The wave hits the sand
Longing it’s caress
The waters carry presents
Driftwood, nick naks and creatures
Washed up from distant shores
Razor clams await the morning hunters
The landscape changes with each tide
The water non judgemental of it’s pruney face
Wrinkled over millennia of love
With each step you take you witness a kiss
Ocean meeting land
An embrace so powerful it develops everything within
White bubbles fall as salty grains meet them delighted
Time passes
A jellyfish lies waiting to be saved
A desolated castle makes for it’s savior
As you reunite it with it’s glorious creator
And on you walk creating your own waves


body gratitude and stress relief mediation

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Even if you don’t like how it looks it’s important to thank your body now and again for all the hard work it does each day to keep you here and alive and when a body feels it isn’t being taken for granted it starts to work better so in turn you’ll metabolize food and get some stress relief.

City Council De-planners – Written March 2016

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A state of perfect tranquility,
Burst by wardens of humility.
Meaningless taxes paid,
While ignorant laws are made.
Insults abound unsaid,
Safe behind glass and lead.
While you sit and stew,
They make a fool of you.
With illegal papers,
By ridiculous meter makers.
Attempting law abiding citizenship,
As all pleasant feelings dip.
No longer able to enjoy the view,
As disabled spaces line up against you.
Onto hope you desperately cling, all the while knowing,
The color yellow has never been so insulting.

1225_39865582718_2699_nThis poem was written in an attempt to quell anger at not being able to find a parking place

near the UWS.  The above is me protesting the G8 just a example of anger being put to good


nourishment for your eye health – day 12

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Diet is really important when looking after your eyes as it affects your whole system.  To make sure your eyes are getting the best nourishment possible here are some simple tips to support you with this challenge.  The video refers to a study linking turmeric use with eye health which you may wish to look at here.

stomach meridian sedating, strengthening and controlling – day 3

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This is a great technique for balancing your whole stomach. You can hold these points on yourself by following the diagram here
What I did was hold the sedation points for 2 minutes. (1st points on sedating chart)                       Then I held the Strengthening points for 2 minutes (1st point on strengthening chart)                     Then the stomach control points for 1 minute ( 2nd set of points it’s the same on both charts)

The idea is similar to moving traffic on a motorway sedation allows for a traffic jam to be cleared up by the police before the green lights can be set back to work properly for traffic to move again.  I realize the sound quality isn’t that great but if you just move your hands when I do and follow the chart you’ll get similar results – i.e feeling amazing!

If you enjoy these then you may wish to skip ahead to day 10 when I did some other stomach balancing techniques, specifically for cataracts.

Seed Sound Guided Meditation

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The seed sounds are Sanskrit names for each chakras and intoning them raises the vibration of each chakra to bring out about natural wellbeing.  n this video I describe how to join in a vocal meditation on the seed sounds which I took part in in India.