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Each exercise in the videos below have  been taught at my occasional workshops where I teach different aspects of Eden Energy Medicine. I’ll be adding more as time goes on depending on which ones I find have the greatest impact and responses at my workshops. If you’d like to know more about my workshops please contact me on 07816945122.

Call out your name- Written November 2015

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Call out your name

Does a name truly carry everything it signifies?
And repeating it invoke all it implies?
Can you not say a name and feel it holds the infinity of that being within?
Drawing that internal beauty akin
Can you not read a title and see the ink holds the love of one held so close?
As infinite wonder unfolds with every line of prose
Can you not hear a name and know that hearing it again and again throughout life
throughout all existence will forever banish strife?
Hearing that name in the voices of others,
Calling you into a family of brothers,
Blowing winds of change through your heart,
Ensuring bonds will never part.
Calling this name feels like coming home,
And from Nichiren’s heart I shall never roam.
The name I wish to call myself is Suzy,
but it is not the name that has made me,
My name was first recited in 1253,
when Nichiren dubbed it on all humanity,
It’s the true name allowing joy to flow,
Loud and proud I call out Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is the title of the lotus sutra meaning loosely translated it means ‘I believe in the mystic law of life and death’.  When it is repeated it can invoke Buddha-hood as you focus on it’s meaning and connecting with the mystic flow of the universe. When I first started chanting I felt like coming home and when I’m chanting properly it can feel like pure love. Here’s part of my big Buddhist family below or to find out more about the SGI-UK and how to find discussion meetings near you click here


Here and Now – written Feb 2019

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Here and Now

Sometimes Now can be a bit of a dick                                                                        Skewed perception makes him seem like a prick                                                                If you look at him askance                                                                                                     He doesn’t appreciate it                                                                                                            He’ll throw that look back in your face                                                                                Tell you everything is out of place                                                                                        But if you look him in the eye                                                                                             And connect, well he’s nice as pie

Now showers you with gifts                                                                                                   Of sun and rain,not buts and ifs                                                                                       Thing is, Now,well he’s a bit insecure                                                                                 For nostalgia he has no cure                                                                                              He’s always compared to past                                                                                      without whom you wouldn’t be here at all                                                                        But he can’t compete with memories of the womb to this week last                              As for future she fills him with gall                                                                                   Now rages at possibilities lost, and at what cost?                                                         Because you were checking her out?                                                                            Chatted up by infinite promises                                                                                      When you should have clocked he’s decked out in the present                                    but you missed it.

Now is here for you                                                                                                            Ready to buy you drinks at the bar of life                                                                         and dance to your rhythm.                                                                                                   All he looks for is a bit of appreciation.                                                                                 A smile when he creates synchronicity                                                                                 A laugh when you feel the heartbeat of your city                                                        Perhaps a snapshot of the light he trickles through leaves                                           Stop a moment                                                                                                                      Leave your rumination aside                                                                                                   Take a deep breath and say                                                                                                 “Hello Now, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Here”.

Small intestine balancing for higher cheeks – day 28

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Your small intestine meridian runs over your cheeks so helping to balance it will naturally impact your eyes.  It also affects decision making particularly if making decisions brings you out in a panic as it is a fire element meridian.  If you are generally struggling with decision making then you may wish to listen to this mediation to help you get in touch with your higher self.

Homolateral crosscrawl video barefoot in the snow!

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When you are in a homolateral state your energies don’t work as they should and the left side of the brain doesn’t direct the right side of the body and vice versa.  Cross crawling reminds the body how to do that better and keeps your energies crossing over.  This March I decided to put homolateral cross-crawling to the test and see if it helped me keep energies crossed while in the snow. The yogic Tibetan pose and Wayne Cook exercise both strengthen this crossing, but if you feel you aren’t creating the shift that you’d like to see with them then try the exercise shown near the middle of this video instead and see what happens.

Homolateral crosscrawl video in the snow and an exercise to help keep energies crossed and triple warmer down.

Slået op af Suzy Berry i Fredag den 2. marts 2018

Digestive Health Eden Energy Medicine Exercises

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Here’s my video teaching Eden Energy Medicine techniques to boost metabolism and digestive health.

The rowan trees and me – Written February 2016

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The rowan trees and me

Passing the rowan tree, it becomes clear to me,
Winters end is near you see.
Red berries wrap me in a smile,
Getting me through the last hurricane mile.
Reminding me spring is near,
As winds of change wipe away fear.
Letting go of something dear,
Keeping gratitude for my body here.
With each step releasing regrets.
With each breath a new goal sets.
Homeward bound, momentary joy found.
In a desolate place you help me quicken pace,
Towards warmth and love,
This I am glad of.
May all others who pass by my muse
A joyous couple who lighten the blues
Be sped along by your luscious reds
Letting go of dull thoughts in their heads.

rowan trees




I wrote this poem after passing these trees coming off a us in Februrary.  Sadly these google shots here were taken in summer so you have to imagine the berries but they were very pretty.  I had just finished a beautiful meditation class at Nurture Glasgow where I have the opportunity to attend mediation classes on Mondays when I finish. The meditation classes have been really helpful in finding peace of mind as Aga and her group are lovely. To find out more click here.

On Objectification- Written October 2016

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Ground up bones sweetened for children,
Ground up chicks taken without mother’s ken.
No purpose for boys with no monthly offering,
Everyone’s eyes diverted from their suffering.
Tenderized meat canned for those who receive our tenderness,
Freezers hoach with bodies deprived of fondness.
Aisles lined with bottles of liquid loneliness.
Children snatched to feed the masses,
Plans hatched to hide the lowest classes,
Elbow length gloves shoved up their asses,
With BGH causing rashes,
All to fill up monetary stashes.
Sibling rivalry over differing views,
Hiding away from obvious news.
Families parted over beliefs,
Forgetting who’ll buy premature funeral wreaths.
“I can’t” instead of “I won’t”,
“I could never” stops forward endeavor.
As we all decide not to rock the boat ,
Another calf is slashed at the throat.
As we sit back and say “it’s not worth it”,
Another life is forfeit.
When will we come to say,
It’s time to enter the fray
Have our voices heard
Because this theater is absurd
Don’t let progress be deferred
It’s not too late for this human beast’s herd.

14289927_1143850172367635_2451924350114666374_oThis poem was written after upon finding out that 40% of all food is binned so 1000’s of animals die for nothing because animals are objectified.  Here I am with the rest of the Earthlings demonstration crew standing up against objectification of animals.

Here and Now

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Here and Now

Sometimes Now can be a bit of a dick                                                                               Skewed perception makes him seem like a prick

If you look at him askance

He doesn’t appreciate it

He’ll throw that look back in your face

Tell you everything is out of place

But if you look him in the eye

And connect, well he’s nice as pie

Now showers you with gifts

Of sun and rain,not buts and ifs

Thing is, now,well he’s a bit insecure

For nostalgia he has no cure

He’s always compared to past

without whom you wouldn’t be here at all

But he can’t compete with memories of the womb to this week last

As for future she fills him with gall

Now rages at possibilities lost, and at what cost?

Because you were checking her out?

Chatted up by infinite promises

When you should have seen he’s decked out in the present

but you missed it.

Now is here for you

Ready to buy your drinks at the bar of life

and dance to your rhythm.

All he looks for is a bit of appreciation.

A smile when he creates synchronicity

A laugh when you feel the heartbeat of your city

Perhaps a snapshot of the light he trickles through leaves

Stop a moment

Leave your rumination aside

Take a deep breath and say

“Hello Now, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Here”.

a soup recipe for your eyes- Day 19 eye healing challenge

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Tumeric is an amazing spice for all sorts of ailments I try to use it in as much cooking as possible.  Here’s a nice soup that I like to use it in.  An important tip to remember is when using tumeric always combine it with black pepper as they naturally boost the nutritional properties of one another.  If you like this soup you may wish to skip ahead to day 23 for my other recipe.

You can’t hide anything from a massage therapist

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Kneading out emotional knots

“Fine”, that’s what you’re supposed to say.
But if you were, you wouldn’t be here would you?
Tight calves,
holding grief that stops toes being touched.
The body knows what the mind keeps shut out,
denial of history and time gone by.

Shoulders, holding shoulds,
driving elbows towards ears.
The muscles tense without permission,
the mind races to keep track,
disconnected, to allow for the cold to creep in.

Adrenalin helps to distract one pace following the other.
The body knows what the mind keeps at bay.
Unable to let go and move on.

Glutes tense as the heart closes over.
No one to caress them and soften the blow.

The belly bulges as cortisol runs the show.
The soft tyre curves round the ball of woe.
Skin crackles over feet reddening the glow.
The anger spilling over in between big and little toe.

The nose pinkens around the flare,
As drink heightens anxieties,
Pouring into ones eyes,
Unable to say goodbyes.

The jaw jutting forward,
Mulling over worries,
As teeth grind down in panic,
The left eye droops as hopes of right brain interaction fade,
Along with the old sparkle.

The back curves in repentance,
For days lost staring at screens,
As you scream with over-compassion,
Attempting to find pennies for your lost family.

Dowager’s hump brought on by disrespectful mother’s unforgivable genes,
As expectations lumped on,
And the spine curves as you bow to demands,
Lungs tighten with each breath,
As fear grips tight on the throat,
The neck knows, one eye knows, one leg knows.
Keep up, show a good face,
No one else will know.



The first time I learnt about shoulders holding everything you should do was in a yoga class  and the idea stuck in my head so I stuck it in this poem about how muscles hold onto emotional knots.  Above is a pic of me doing a bit of yoga in the Botanic Gardens in Gran Canaria just showing you really can do it anywhere and stretching the body can be really good for you.