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Each exercise in the videos below have  been taught at my occasional workshops where I teach different aspects of Eden Energy Medicine.  I have taught workshops in various festivals and teach EEM in one to one sessions. I’ll be adding more videos  as time goes by depending on which ones I find have the greatest impact and responses at my sessions. If you’d like to know more about my workshops and one to one sessions please contact me on 07816945122.

Donna Eden’s Official Daily Routine

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Here I am in Pollock Park teaching the official daily routine expounded by Donna Eden to revitalize your whole body.  I do this and other exercises every day and feel great because of it.  I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me.

Kundalini Rises

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The serpent lies at the base of the spine
Warmed by the three fires of greed, anger and ignorance
Unable to push past cold kidneys dowsed in wine
She hisses in fear locked in a trance
Unaware she’s on her way to dance
To meet a snake charmer capable of unlocking her body armor
What tunes will make the true dragon rise?
What notes will help her drop the disguise?
Each finger plucking unlocks her world
Each stroke a new leaf being unfurled
Kundalini smiles, reminded of her old wiles
Rising towards the third eye
Where intuition and grace lie
Flying towards infinity
She seeks her own divinity
With resonant chime she lets out a laugh
In time to the beat she clears her path
With purple flame she works her craft
Now it’s time to leave the past in the past.

The kundalini relates to a burning fire serpent that sits at the base of the spine and can be awakened with help. A luck dragon came to me in a vision when I first got my reiki 1 and has been with me since helping me to make spiritual connections. This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful musicians that have inspired me over the past year. It was written in November just after I was singing at a friend’s wedding. Connecting to music allows for your soul to soar and helps light up your radiant circuits. My sister Lu Angel has taught me the importance of music and Buddhist philosophy to which the second line relates. Here’s one of my favorite songs of hers check out the rest on soundcloud.
Here’s me playing with fire at a friend’s house. Poi is great for making figures of eight in your field and if you are lacking fire element this can really boost you. If you aren’t quite ready yet cheap poi with sandbags can be bought online and are really beneficial for your energetic health to bring crossover patterns into your aura.


clearing vortexes in your aura – eye healing challenge day 7

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Your auric field filters emotions and your perception of the world, so making sure you have a healthy aura is paramount for your eye health.  If you like working with your aura you may want to jump ahead to day 21 which focuses on the aura and healing with colour.

City Council De-planners – Written March 2016

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A state of perfect tranquility,
Burst by wardens of humility.
Meaningless taxes paid,
While ignorant laws are made.
Insults abound unsaid,
Safe behind glass and lead.
While you sit and stew,
They make a fool of you.
With illegal papers,
By ridiculous meter makers.
Attempting law abiding citizenship,
As all pleasant feelings dip.
No longer able to enjoy the view,
As disabled spaces line up against you.
Onto hope you desperately cling, all the while knowing,
The color yellow has never been so insulting.

1225_39865582718_2699_nThis poem was written in an attempt to quell anger at not being able to find a parking place

near the UWS.  The above is me protesting the G8 just a example of anger being put to good


Yoga to help your liver and spleen and eyes -day 15

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Yoga has been life changing for me in many ways over the years.  These stretches have become invaluable in making space in my body to allow energy to move freely.  If you like doing these moves then you may also like some of the yoga stretches in my video on helping with period pain here.

Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) for anger issues

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At my February 2016 workshop I taught some useful Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) tapping scripts and gave a guided mediation to help people deal with anger issues. If you would like to hear any of the material I taught please go here.

The Wayne Cook Posture – for dyslexia and public speaking

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This exercise is great for reading focus and public speaking.  If you have dyslexia I’d advise doing it daily I have seen it make huge changes in people’s reading abilities.  If you like it you may wish to try crossing over your energies with the exercises shown in this video too.


allergies banished and easy rising from bed – day 2

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I used to struggle with allergies when I was around cats, dogs and ferrets. I no longer do because I keep on top of my energies with the five minute daily routine along with the exercises below my.  Now my energy pathways and auric field is strong enough to deflect their negative impact. I used to do these exercises as soon as I woke up now I just weave them into my day and do them as necessary so take your time and see how each bit makes you feel. Here’s how I made the change…

Do what you decide – down at the space

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It’s just a coffee really
But it’s more to me
‘Cause it cost just 83p
I chose that price
‘Cause it rhymes pretty nice
Just to write this poem
About my home from home
They appreciate that kinda thing
And love you if you can sing
Down at London Road in The Space
The place is pretty ace

Apparently nobody belongs there more than me
But then again they say that to everyone they see
There’s a warm welcome wherever you’re from
You can eat, shop, contribute and smile
They’ll always go the extra mile
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure
I always find something nice for sure
A hug is never far away
Whether you’re passing through Glasgow or here to stay

Refugees and weegees welcome,
the space’ll brighten your day if you’re glum
Workshops galore
New skills in store
Move your body, shake to the groove
Brighten your brain, lighten your load
Get out of the rat race
Feel free at the space.

The space is a community hub in the East End of Glasgow with a lovely swap shop, cafe and mini market where you pay what you decide supported by free share. Musical jams, open mics and workshops are popping up weekly so drop in to see what’s there.

Supermarket Sweep – Written December 2015

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Supermarkets drawing arbitrary lines in sand.
Deciding upon which side they stand.
Exactly whom does this every little help?
As parents load up on on poisonous treats for ignorant whelps,
Dimming their ears to impoverished yelps,
Where the power of frozen brings the power to amaze,
20 once heaving breasts just £2.50 in hoi sin glaze.
Where quality is cheaper,
As cheeps echo round the grim reaper.
As fat cats tip their hats,
To quality food dishonestly priced.
Here’s to palm oil noodles fabulously spiced!
As long as you pay a little to live a lot,
Evading the torture they care not a jot.
As we feed the yapping jaws of those we love,
We forget the wider world we are part of,
If you are feeding your brood with,
“Not just any food”
Are you really doing them any good?
Can you truly get nourishment from punishment?
If you’re “Good with food”, but not doing any good,
Then you’re just manipulating the neighbourhood,
Causing swings in mood, leaving people misunderstood.
So why not “try something new today”?
Really ask honestly “Why pay more?”
Go buy “More of what matters”,
and shun wholefoods to believe in Whole honest People and a Whole healthy planet

If you take the vegan pledge and manage to stick it out for a month then I will reward you with a free treatment of choice either at serenity or via skype. Vegan 30 day challenge Here was my Christmas dinner let me know if you’d like the recipe, it was delicious!