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City Council De-planners – Written March 2016

A state of perfect tranquility,
Burst by wardens of humility.
Meaningless taxes paid,
While ignorant laws are made.
Insults abound unsaid,
Safe behind glass and lead.
While you sit and stew,
They make a fool of you.
With illegal papers,
By ridiculous meter makers.
Attempting law abiding citizenship,
As all pleasant feelings dip.
No longer able to enjoy the view,
As disabled spaces line up against you.
Onto hope you desperately cling, all the while knowing,
The color yellow has never been so insulting.

1225_39865582718_2699_nThis poem was written in an attempt to quell anger at not being able to find a parking place

near the UWS.  The above is me protesting the G8 just a example of anger being put to good