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The Colour of Love- Written January 2016

Gold is the colour of childhood,
A tug of war between play and responsibility.
Regret and denial over what should have been.
Black and white,
By our sides you guided us,
In our unbridled merriment,
Mute, the wisest man I’ve known.
Round is the shape of sleep,
Tiny ball on my tummy,
Awake always under my feet.
Pink is support,
When only someone small can bring cheer.
Grey is the colour of grief,
The colour of loss and repentance,
Three white dots stolen by orange,
The hue of hunger, outcast and fear.
Black is the window to their souls,
Forever lost down foxholes.
Rough is the touch of nurture,
Fingers gingerly nibbled,
Trust sweetly cultured.
Black and brown,
Wisest man around,
Saunters in and snuggles down,
Sidles up to Mexican standoffs with cheeky sable.
Sable’s been left behind,
Playful, quiet, shaky,
Forever there for me.
Sable is the color of love,
Unbreakable by itching and scratching,
Strengthened by playing and squeaking,
Soft is the texture of gratitude,
The big man accepting, the wee man sneaking,
An eternity remembering,
Forever entwined,
By all of them I have been defined.

Pom Pom and Ponyo were two lovely ferrets rescued from the SPCA they brightened up my life and left me in tears when they escaped. I’m so grateful to Polo my other ferret and Saya my cat for being there to comfort me whenever needed. All my pets have given me so much love, this is for them.To find out more about how you can home a rescue pet click here 

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