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Do what you decide – down at the space

It’s just a coffee really
But it’s more to me
‘Cause it cost just 83p
I chose that price
‘Cause it rhymes pretty nice
Just to write this poem
About my home from home
They appreciate that kinda thing
And love you if you can sing
Down at London Road in The Space
The place is pretty ace

Apparently nobody belongs there more than me
But then again they say that to everyone they see
There’s a warm welcome wherever you’re from
You can eat, shop, contribute and smile
They’ll always go the extra mile
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure
I always find something nice for sure
A hug is never far away
Whether you’re passing through Glasgow or here to stay

Refugees and weegees welcome,
the space’ll brighten your day if you’re glum
Workshops galore
New skills in store
Move your body, shake to the groove
Brighten your brain, lighten your load
Get out of the rat race
Feel free at the space.

The space is a community hub in the East End of Glasgow with a lovely swap shop, cafe and mini market where you pay what you decide supported by free share. Musical jams, open mics and workshops are popping up weekly so drop in to see what’s there.