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A healer’s rage

It’s a lie to state
I hold love for everything on my plate,
I hold space for everyone’s heavy weights,
I have joy for every working date,
when facials and hot stones just pay a good rate.

As master healer, I daily recite
phrases that sometimes resonate trite

‘Just for today I will not worry’ –
as all my worries spiral round in a hurry.
‘Just for today I will do my work honestly and well’ –
on the truth behind honesty I daily dwell.
‘Just for today I’ll be grateful for my every blessing’ –
But the need for more is constantly pressing.
‘Just for today I’ll be kind to every living being’ –
But I’m condemning everyone for injustices I’m seeing.
Finally ‘just for today I will not be angry’-

this healer rages
about animals kept in cages,
circuses running them round stages,
newspapers wasting pages,
bosses wasting pension wages,
governmental departments ramping up their wage gauges.

Yes, I confess healer’s stress.
We make mess causing others distress
I often need a caress and more rest.
But when healing’s needed I’m at my best.
I put on my holistic vest,
I make my salon my nest,
And produce energy with zest.

Because it’s all energy,
the rage within this mage
can bring life into synergy.
Visualising imagery
letting go of liturgy
finding my own strategy-
getting to the bottom of what’s before me.

As I heal pain my rage starts to drain
So I do what I do as much for me as for you
I set aside my pride
Let universal love reside
Let reiki be my guide
So I don’t have to decide
Where to go on this life’s ride.

This poem was written in response to a flyer I found in the MItchell library asking people to confess something in a poem or short story so this has been submitted to their competition. You can see the others submitted so far here . It partially stems from the fact that as a reiki healer we are supposed to live with the motto ‘just for today I will not be angry’ however I personally feel there’s a place for anger.  If I didn’t have an anger for justice I wouldn’t take part in great demonstrations like this one. To find out more about Earthlings and fight for animal rights check out