Homolateral crosscrawl video barefoot in the snow!

When you are in a homolateral state your energies don’t work as they should and the left side of the brain doesn’t direct the right side of the body and vice versa.  Cross crawling reminds the body how to do that better and keeps your energies crossing over.  This March I decided to put homolateral cross-crawling to the test and see if it helped me keep energies crossed while in the snow. The yogic Tibetan pose and Wayne Cook exercise both strengthen this crossing, but if you feel you aren’t creating the shift that you’d like to see with them then try the exercise shown near the middle of this video instead and see what happens.

Homolateral crosscrawl video in the snow and an exercise to help keep energies crossed and triple warmer down.

Slået op af Suzy Berry i Fredag den 2. marts 2018

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