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Kundalini Rises

The serpent lies at the base of the spine
Warmed by the three fires of greed, anger and ignorance
Unable to push past cold kidneys dowsed in wine
She hisses in fear locked in a trance
Unaware she’s on her way to dance
To meet a snake charmer capable of unlocking her body armor
What tunes will make the true dragon rise?
What notes will help her drop the disguise?
Each finger plucking unlocks her world
Each stroke a new leaf being unfurled
Kundalini smiles, reminded of her old wiles
Rising towards the third eye
Where intuition and grace lie
Flying towards infinity
She seeks her own divinity
With resonant chime she lets out a laugh
In time to the beat she clears her path
With purple flame she works her craft
Now it’s time to leave the past in the past.

The kundalini relates to a burning fire serpent that sits at the base of the spine and can be awakened with help. A luck dragon came to me in a vision when I first got my reiki 1 and has been with me since helping me to make spiritual connections. This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful musicians that have inspired me over the past year. It was written in November just after I was singing at a friend’s wedding. Connecting to music allows for your soul to soar and helps light up your radiant circuits. My sister Lu Angel has taught me the importance of music and Buddhist philosophy to which the second line relates. Here’s one of my favorite songs of hers check out the rest on soundcloud.
Here’s me playing with fire at a friend’s house. Poi is great for making figures of eight in your field and if you are lacking fire element this can really boost you. If you aren’t quite ready yet cheap poi with sandbags can be bought online and are really beneficial for your energetic health to bring crossover patterns into your aura.