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liver meridian balancing – day 13 eye healing challenge

Your liver helps clear away toxins in your body which has a massive impact on how well you can see.  Particularly if you get floaters after a night out.  This is a great technique for balancing it. You can hold these points on yourself by following the diagram here

What I did was sedate it by holding the 1st points on sedating chart for 2 minutes.                  Then I strengthen it by holding the 1st point on strengthening chart.                                           Then brought the liver energies into control holding the 2nd set of points (it’s the same on both charts) I realize the sound quality isn’t that great but if you just move your hands when I do and follow the chart you’ll get similar results – i.e feeling amazing!  If you feel good working with your liver you may wish to jump ahead to day 27 for this video on dealing with toxic anger and how it affects the liver.