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You can’t hide anything from a massage therapist

Kneading out emotional knots

“Fine”, that’s what you’re supposed to say.
But if you were, you wouldn’t be here would you?
Tight calves,
holding grief that stops toes being touched.
The body knows what the mind keeps shut out,
denial of history and time gone by.

Shoulders, holding shoulds,
driving elbows towards ears.
The muscles tense without permission,
the mind races to keep track,
disconnected, to allow for the cold to creep in.

Adrenalin helps to distract one pace following the other.
The body knows what the mind keeps at bay.
Unable to let go and move on.

Glutes tense as the heart closes over.
No one to caress them and soften the blow.

The belly bulges as cortisol runs the show.
The soft tyre curves round the ball of woe.
Skin crackles over feet reddening the glow.
The anger spilling over in between big and little toe.

The nose pinkens around the flare,
As drink heightens anxieties,
Pouring into ones eyes,
Unable to say goodbyes.

The jaw jutting forward,
Mulling over worries,
As teeth grind down in panic,
The left eye droops as hopes of right brain interaction fade,
Along with the old sparkle.

The back curves in repentance,
For days lost staring at screens,
As you scream with over-compassion,
Attempting to find pennies for your lost family.

Dowager’s hump brought on by disrespectful mother’s unforgivable genes,
As expectations lumped on,
And the spine curves as you bow to demands,
Lungs tighten with each breath,
As fear grips tight on the throat,
The neck knows, one eye knows, one leg knows.
Keep up, show a good face,
No one else will know.



The first time I learnt about shoulders holding everything you should do was in a yoga class  and the idea stuck in my head so I stuck it in this poem about how muscles hold onto emotional knots.  Above is a pic of me doing a bit of yoga in the Botanic Gardens in Gran Canaria just showing you really can do it anywhere and stretching the body can be really good for you.