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Courses & Workshops

Reiki Courses

As a Reiki master I am happy to deliver reiki attunements and courses whenever there is enough interest.  If you would be interested in learning Reiki with a group of like minded individuals in Yoker then please get in touch to arrange a time that would be good for you.  My course prices are £100 for Reiki 1, £150 for Reiki 2, £200 for the master level and £250 for the master teacher level.  I am happy to run courses over weekends or evenings and can give discounts to people who can recruit others to join them.

December Kinesiology and Tinnitus Workshop

I’ll be running a kinesiology testing workshop to look at how the kidney meridian functions and it’s links to tinnitus with the goal of teaching people some useful exercises to stop long term tinnitus. I’ll be finishing with a guided meditation that can double up as a sleep aid as most tinnitus sufferers get it worst before bed.

Date – Thursday 14th of December from 6.30 -9pm

Venue – My home in Yoker please contact me for details

Cost – £9 per person or £15 for 2

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Workshops Tailored for You!

Why not try out something new to get your staff team-building?  If you’d like to get your staff full of energy with a fun workshop, I can teach energy medicine techniques to your staff get better connected and thinking outside of the box. Workshops can be one or two hours long and give attendees skills to boost their own energy, decrease stress and  connect better to one another. You can book by calling me on 07816945122 for prices starting at £30 per hour.