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On Objectification- Written October 2016

Ground up bones sweetened for children,
Ground up chicks taken without mother’s ken.
No purpose for boys with no monthly offering,
Everyone’s eyes diverted from their suffering.
Tenderized meat canned for those who receive our tenderness,
Freezers hoach with bodies deprived of fondness.
Aisles lined with bottles of liquid loneliness.
Children snatched to feed the masses,
Plans hatched to hide the lowest classes,
Elbow length gloves shoved up their asses,
With BGH causing rashes,
All to fill up monetary stashes.
Sibling rivalry over differing views,
Hiding away from obvious news.
Families parted over beliefs,
Forgetting who’ll buy premature funeral wreaths.
“I can’t” instead of “I won’t”,
“I could never” stops forward endeavor.
As we all decide not to rock the boat ,
Another calf is slashed at the throat.
As we sit back and say “it’s not worth it”,
Another life is forfeit.
When will we come to say,
It’s time to enter the fray
Have our voices heard
Because this theater is absurd
Don’t let progress be deferred
It’s not too late for this human beast’s herd.

14289927_1143850172367635_2451924350114666374_oThis poem was written after upon finding out that 40% of all food is binned so 1000’s of animals die for nothing because animals are objectified.  Here I am with the rest of the Earthlings demonstration crew standing up against objectification of animals.