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Ruminations on WND p690 – Written October 2015

In this amazing planet floating in space,
Atomic particles make up the human race,
But with every viewpoint we forget,
The astounding beauties that we’ve met,
In every tree, sea and simple cup of tea.
We do not sit, converging forces knit.
Energies weave to allow us to breathe.
Yet still hemispheres world and brain,
In constant disparity remain.
As judgments create hardness,
Letting go of fondness,
Wandering in carelessness,
Trying to figure out this mess.
We forget gratitude is where happiness is kept,
and unto all humanity we have this debt.

10432488_10153089981657138_496477525023584789_n Here is my butsudan I’m very grateful to have this space in my home to devote to chanting. If you do not chant or have a spiritual practice just now I’d advise you to cultivate somewhere for you just to sit and meditate. Try a free trial of headspace which is a great app to use in a quiet space at home and you can dedicate anything from 5 to 50 minutes a day meditating using it.