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Smoke & Mirrors – Written June 2015

Judgement starts the day, before tea has even been drunk,
As individuals breakfast over pictures, videos and slurs,
Comments blurring together into nonsense
Vicariously commenting on others dreams, dinners, disasters,
A desire to connect replaced by a wish to be on top
Others must be assured of your priorities
Know they are not one.

The screen drives divides between loved ones before morning has even begun,
The dawn of inter-connectivity slicing reality as anomalies in lists appear to reassure.
Event listings ensure you are on top, you know here it’s at.
All the while the background torture hidden by kitten videos.
Lambs taken to the slaughter shadowed by frogs who do not seem to give a fuck.
One more Atos worker listens to the man as we turn our eyes towards that viral guy.
Like buzzing flies we mock those that lie, while voting for torture with each item we buy.
Driven insane by dissonance in our brain as we disconnect from reality, hiding our shame.

We aren’t to blame for the ones in power, those who cower before the US of A,
Before the lies in their own minds seeking redemption for those who’ve come before,
Using smoke and mirrors to pretend they’re anything more,
But score after score of cocaine and whores has them looking for more.
So they hold up banners to distract us from the gore,
Another puppet to recite the lore,
From flashing screens, hiding what shouldn’t be seen.
As we all delve into the Facebook scene.
Down the rabbit hole we go.

11892246_10153577055037138_2626563454887095485_nMe at Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival 2016. I wrote this poem in the run up to it pleased I’d be away from facebook for a few days.