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Supermarket Sweep – Written December 2015

Supermarkets drawing arbitrary lines in sand.
Deciding upon which side they stand.
Exactly whom does this every little help?
As parents load up on on poisonous treats for ignorant whelps,
Dimming their ears to impoverished yelps,
Where the power of frozen brings the power to amaze,
20 once heaving breasts just £2.50 in hoi sin glaze.
Where quality is cheaper,
As cheeps echo round the grim reaper.
As fat cats tip their hats,
To quality food dishonestly priced.
Here’s to palm oil noodles fabulously spiced!
As long as you pay a little to live a lot,
Evading the torture they care not a jot.
As we feed the yapping jaws of those we love,
We forget the wider world we are part of,
If you are feeding your brood with,
“Not just any food”
Are you really doing them any good?
Can you truly get nourishment from punishment?
If you’re “Good with food”, but not doing any good,
Then you’re just manipulating the neighbourhood,
Causing swings in mood, leaving people misunderstood.
So why not “try something new today”?
Really ask honestly “Why pay more?”
Go buy “More of what matters”,
and shun wholefoods to believe in Whole honest People and a Whole healthy planet

If you take the vegan pledge and manage to stick it out for a month then I will reward you with a free treatment of choice either at serenity or via skype. Vegan 30 day challenge Here was my Christmas dinner let me know if you’d like the recipe, it was delicious!