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Sweeping Away The Dust

She’s covered in dust.
So thick she has to be turned upside down to open her eyes.
Her once starched dress now grey and torn.
Her tiny red nails chipped, she sits on the end of the bed, untouched, unwanted.
Her eyelashes so gummed, she’s unable to cry.
Finally broken she lets herself be thrown off the end
to be eaten by whatever lies underneath.
The fears of her seven year old mistress churning in her stomach
as she lies with her legs in the air.
Her eyes finally unstuck, she looks to her left
and finds her little black umbrella lost to the emptiness years ago.
She sits thinking how wonderful it would be if she could move to pick it up.
Suddenly her insides lurch dreading the monster that lurks there.
A long thin black arm moves over her bloomers
and the other seven follow.
Her lips begin to tremble as one leg reaches her chin.
It has happened before in the dusty nursery
but here in the unfamiliar dark she feels a necessity to call for help,
before she knows it she lets out a cry and the spider falls in.
She spits and chokes and finally it becomes apparent the tiny monster has made her move.
If I can move my lips can I move anything else?
The porcelain fingers twitch and as she clocks another spider she reaches out
and grabs it.
The monster under the bed has helped her grow.
She puts her legs down slowly and with clumsy steps she picks up the umbrella.
Putting the tiny monster down she thanks it.
Pulling back the duvet.
The show curtain for her new life.
She decides…
I’s time to start playing for myself.

Sweeping away the dust was actually written in 2007. I wasn’t originally planning to put it in this compilation as it was written together with Hunter after a break up.  They aren’t not linked with my holistic work as such, but I’ve since realized they have been important to some people that have read them and been touched. I guess in a way had I not written them I wouldn’t have processed the break up as I have and not become who I am now.