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The rowan trees and me – Written February 2016

The rowan trees and me

Passing the rowan tree, it becomes clear to me,
Winters end is near you see.
Red berries wrap me in a smile,
Getting me through the last hurricane mile.
Reminding me spring is near,
As winds of change wipe away fear.
Letting go of something dear,
Keeping gratitude for my body here.
With each step releasing regrets.
With each breath a new goal sets.
Homeward bound, momentary joy found.
In a desolate place you help me quicken pace,
Towards warmth and love,
This I am glad of.
May all others who pass by my muse
A joyous couple who lighten the blues
Be sped along by your luscious reds
Letting go of dull thoughts in their heads.

rowan trees




I wrote this poem after passing these trees coming off a us in Februrary.  Sadly these google shots here were taken in summer so you have to imagine the berries but they were very pretty.  I had just finished a beautiful meditation class at Nurture Glasgow where I have the opportunity to attend mediation classes on Mondays when I finish. The meditation classes have been really helpful in finding peace of mind as Aga and her group are lovely. To find out more click here.