V in the park workshop on the five elements

At this year’s v in the park I was asked to teach a workshop to attendees. As a lot of them are activists I thought it was best to teach people how to get on with everyone using the five elements. My teacher Vicky taught me how to get along with people better and deal with conflict and considering activists have to deal with conflict a lot I thought it’d be good information to pass on.  To understand more of the chinese element theory you can check out  Vicky’s blog here.

I taught Eden energy medicine using five simple exercises to balance the elements as they relate to emotions in Chinese medicine. After balancing the elements using simple exercises you can then hold neurovascular points to continue delving a bit deeper. The head points can be held alone or by a partner.  If you want to know how to do it with a partner you can contact me for a private session if doing these exercises shifts things for you and you want to take a deeper dive.

Please note this video was done at a festival.  I will be teaching at the Trisquel festival and Doune the Rabbit hole 2019.  If you run events and would like me to teach a group of people you are in contact with then get in touch to discuss what you would like them to learn and how eden energy medicine can make you a more cohesive group.

Click here to see the video of me teaching at V in the Park 2019

During the video I mention the tulip factory videos they are here if you want to see them.

Here are just my thoughts sitting by the river with no footage of the pigs directly.

Here is the direct footage of the pigs together with my thoughts on them.

Here are the exercises I did while sitting by the river together.  They are in the video above but explained a bit better here with less background noise.

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